How to Use Curated and Fan Content to Market your Event!

How to Use Curated and Fan Content to Market your Event!

Why curate content for marketing your event when you can produce great content of your own?

Here are 3 key reasons why curated and fan content is crucial.

  1. Builds authority – By curating and presenting high quality content, event marketers can build up a level of trust among their audience, especially with regard to the quality of content at their events.
  2. More Content – It is not possible to create quality original content 24×7. Useful curated content helps event marketers stay socially active and relevant even on days when they have no original content to share.
  3. Increase Traffic –  Content from fans specifically discussing past events act as testimonials, and is thus more trusted than promotional content.

You can use curated content to market your event before it takes place, and promote it in real time as well as post event.


  1. Encourage event speakers to talk about the event on social media. Link to their posts.
  2. Create a hashtag that’s short and easy to remember. This makes it easy to have your fan content under a single umbrella and provides a level of auto curation.

Real-Time Promotion:

  1. Encourage attendees, speakers and delegates to talk about the event on social media while they are at the event.
  2. Stream the most engaged social media posts to a social media wall on the event floor as well as the event website.
  3. Create event photo and video galleries with curated content while event is ongoing. These can be used to bolster original content later.

After Event:

  1. Run a 15-second video contest during the event. Post-event put these video clips together to create highlight reels for promotion of next year’s event.
  2. Use candid event photos submitted by attendees to create funny EDMs and galleries. Humour is always effective!

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