5 Reasons why your next exhibition booth needs a lead retrieval app

Lead retrieval

Exhibitors who frequent trade shows know how time-consuming and inconvenient it is to input contact information into CRM software by hand. Alternatively, asking visitors to drop their business cards simply means postponing the work for later. A mobile app for lead retrieval or badge scanning can deal with these, as well as quite a few other headaches exhibitors are very familiar with. Here’s just some of the ways in which these apps make manning a booth more efficient:

    1. Save money on hardware – A lead retrieval app completely eliminates the need for specialized hardware because it runs on most major smartphone platforms and effectively converts any smartphone into a lead retrieval device. This means no separate hardware-related expenses.
    2. Save money on printing – The above point is not the only way in which such apps save exhibitors money. Since they can also be used to display brochures, videos and related media to visitors, printing cost comes down.
    3. Capture leads more efficiently – All exhibitors have to do to capture lead information is scan the QR code on the name badge or event pass of the visitor. The contact info is saved to the phonebook, and can be easily transferred later.
    4. Send product information to leads in a snap – Once the lead has been collected, exhibitors can use the app to email digital brochures and other multimedia content to them directly. Additionally, exhibitors can scan attendee info, add comments and forward it to the marketing team, to be followed up later.
    5. Go green – Digital brochures aren’t just great for visitors, they are great for the environment as well, as they save paper as well as energy. With many events going green and people becoming more ecologically conscious every day, such apps help exhibitors do their bit for the environment.

Our event2mobile lead retrieval app offers all the benefits listed above, and a whole lot more. event2mobile has been deployed by leading organizations like CalDerm. For more info and to set up a quick call with us, click here. 

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