Case Study – BCRF Turns Its Fundraiser Event Into A Virtual One Amid COVID-19

The Challenge Breast Cancer Research Foundation or BCRF is a non-profit organization and has raised over half a billion US dollars for cancer research and treatment. Their donors include brands such as The Estée Lauder, Macy’s and Pfizer.  Every year, BCRF hosts a “Hot Pink Evening” to raise funds for cancer research. It is a glitzy, celebrity-studdedContinue reading “Case Study – BCRF Turns Its Fundraiser Event Into A Virtual One Amid COVID-19”

Impacts of GDPR on Events Industry & How to Comply with Them

Data breach. Two words have set the alarm bells ringing in the world of event planning and management. With recent data breach controversies involving corporate giants like Yahoo and Facebook, there is no room for laxity. As an event organizer, you should be more careful about data control, management and transfer. The governments across theContinue reading “Impacts of GDPR on Events Industry & How to Comply with Them”

5 Exhibitor AI Features Our Sales Team Insisted On

When we decided to create a platform specifically for exhibitors we went to the people who would be the first to use it – our own sales team. A lead engagement platform can have more features than needles on a porcupine, but without the following five, we’d like to believe it’s all sizzle, no steak.Continue reading “5 Exhibitor AI Features Our Sales Team Insisted On”

How to leverage Event Check-in Apps to create a great first impression

Impress event attendees right from when they check-in — this is what most event blogs will tell you and they are right. However, if you want to go the extra mile, leverage a versatile event check-in app to create a great first impression on the attendees even before they arrive onsite. HOW? Your event RSVPContinue reading “How to leverage Event Check-in Apps to create a great first impression”

5 Essential Features Your Event App Must Have in 2018

An event app is like that exotic little black dress you keep ready for a party – Of course you can wear something else, but it will not be the same amazing experience without that beautiful dress. Same with an app. It just isn’t the same experience for your attendees unless your event has one.Continue reading “5 Essential Features Your Event App Must Have in 2018”

Top 3 Elements of Gamification that Can Boost Engagement at Your Event

Gamification encourages attendees to engage and interact with an event through clever use of competition and rewards. While smart gamification can increase booth traffic, ramp up networking and make speaker sessions more interesting, poorly conceived ones can hamper attendee experience . The successful formula for gamification consists of three major elements, which are: It needsContinue reading “Top 3 Elements of Gamification that Can Boost Engagement at Your Event”

event2mobile at Click Asia Summit 2016

Click Asia Summit (CAS), India’s only curated Digital Transformation and Marketing Conference is back on 21st and 22nd April. event2mobile continues to be the chosen mobile app for the event, providing cutting edge features with an intuitive interface. The app facilitates attendees engagement, provides real time updates as well as speaker bios and other eventContinue reading “event2mobile at Click Asia Summit 2016”

How your event app can help make your next event better!

There are different aspects that will help in ensuring that an event app is the answer to all your worries for your upcoming event. This is especially true when it comes to getting all the right data of different kinds in one place which is the key to judge attendee behavior, engagement, the popularity andContinue reading “How your event app can help make your next event better!”

event2mobile completes SOC 2 Audit

event2mobile recently completed Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) examination under AT Section 101, Attest Engagements (AICPA, Professional Standards) for the period June 1, 2015 through January 15, 2016. The Audit was performed by an independent auditing firm. Completion of the SOC 2 Type II examination indicates that selected event2mobile processes, procedures and controls haveContinue reading “event2mobile completes SOC 2 Audit”

E2M at Learning Technologies Conference

The first week of February had the event2mobile team flying to Olympia, London. We attended Learning Technologies – Europe’s leading L&D exhibition and conference. With more than 150 free L&D seminars, 250 exhibitors, and 7K+ visitors, it provided a common interactive ground for all those from the learning and development sector. event2mobile too played aContinue reading “E2M at Learning Technologies Conference”