Your LinkedIn Event Marketing Guide!


Given that one in every three professional on earth is on LinkedIn, the platform is great for promoting B2B events. While paid media is slightly more expensive than marketing via some other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, with 25 million LinkedIn profiles viewed every day, the reach is well worth it in terms of quality.

Posting a personal update to your connections that includes the registration link for your events is not all that is there to LinkedIn marketing. There are quite a number of ways in which you can market your event to your connections and beyond.

Create a group – Much like a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group is a discussion forum. Since an event group is crucial for creating awareness about your event, choose a relevant name – one that fits the search description of the target audience.

Choosing the exact name of the event might not always be a good idea especially if it’s a first time event and people are not aware of it.

Use groups to build your list – Use your personal profile to participate in LinkedIn groups. Don’t start talking about your event the day you join the group but participate in discussions to create credibility.

Once you have done that, post announcements about your event in the separate section designated for promotions. Still better, let the admins of the group know that you have an event coming up and request them to include it in their membership announcements.

Contact directly – Directly contact people in your connections list. You can send a DM to any First tier connection on your list, free of cost. You can also send messages to people who are in the same groups with you. If you have a LinkedIn premium account, you can use credits to send InMails to anyone.

InMails –  One way to get in touch with people not in your contacts list is to use sponsored InMails. While it is a paid feature, this may work to your advantage, because it showcases that you are serious about getting in touch, and eliminates the possibility of spam. InMails also get delivered only when the recipient goes online, ensuring they are noticed.

LinkedIn Ads – Like on many other social platforms that allow you to reach out to your target audience, LinkedIn too allows you to reach out through paid adverts. Decide on the budget that you have for running ads and click here to create a targeted campaign to increase footfall at your event.

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