Top 3 Most Important Data Types to be Gathered from Event Apps

High-expense of B2B events makes it difficult for marketers to justify them to higher-ups. Data offered by event apps can support this cause. Marketers mainly need to focus on 3 types of data which are as follows: 1: Behavioral Data Event organizers can hold surveys with the help of apps like Event2Mobile App. Organizers canContinue reading “Top 3 Most Important Data Types to be Gathered from Event Apps”

Why sponsors love event apps!

  Just like an event cannot happen without an event organizer, similarly, it cannot take shape without the event sponsors. The main thing a sponsor looks for when being part of an event is a return on their investment. Introducing mobile event apps can be a good leverage to induce more and more sponsors toContinue reading “Why sponsors love event apps!”

5 Critical Strategies to Promote your Event App, Way Before Your Event!

Promoting an event app early has a number of benefits, not the least of which are better audience engagement before, during and after the event, as well as better visibility for sponsors and exhibitors. Here are some tips on how event organisers can properly promote the app at the critical pre-event stage and lead toContinue reading “5 Critical Strategies to Promote your Event App, Way Before Your Event!”

How to Use Curated and Fan Content to Market your Event!

Why curate content for marketing your event when you can produce great content of your own? Here are 3 key reasons why curated and fan content is crucial. Builds authority – By curating and presenting high quality content, event marketers can build up a level of trust among their audience, especially with regard to theContinue reading “How to Use Curated and Fan Content to Market your Event!”

Your LinkedIn Event Marketing Guide!

Given that one in every three professional on earth is on LinkedIn, the platform is great for promoting B2B events. While paid media is slightly more expensive than marketing via some other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, with 25 million LinkedIn profiles viewed every day, the reach is well worth it in terms ofContinue reading “Your LinkedIn Event Marketing Guide!”

Event Marketing Hacks to Turn Leads into Customers!

In our previous two posts, we discussed the various marketing strategies to pull your prospects into the marketing funnel and lead them further through it. In this, the third and final entry in the series, we will look at some marketing tactics that can help convert leads to attendees, by taking them through the finalContinue reading “Event Marketing Hacks to Turn Leads into Customers!”

Marketing Hacks to Make your Prospect Consider Your Event!

In our previous post, we discussed how event marketers can attract attention of prospects and lead them to the first stage of the funnel. In this, we will talk about various marketing strategies to lead them further through the funnel. Stage 2 – Consideration This is when you have successfully engaged your prospects, and theyContinue reading “Marketing Hacks to Make your Prospect Consider Your Event!”

The Zero Budget Event Marketing Plan

“The best things in life are free”, sang Janet Jackson, and don’t you wish it were true? However,  shrinking budgets are a reality in the event industry, and every dollar has to be stretched as far as it will go. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help #eventprofs promote their events whichContinue reading “The Zero Budget Event Marketing Plan”