Event Marketing Hacks to Turn Leads into Customers!

Decision Making

In our previous two posts, we discussed the various marketing strategies to pull your prospects into the marketing funnel and lead them further through it. In this, the third and final entry in the series, we will look at some marketing tactics that can help convert leads to attendees, by taking them through the final phase.

Stage 3 – Decision

Prospects at this stage are already interested in the event and aware of the basics and then some. Now is the time to fully convince them of the event’s value with detailed information on agenda, tracks, workshops, keynote speakers, etc. Marketing efforts at this stage should help prospects clear doubts, if any, and provide just the right incentive . Here are three digital marketing hacks to do that.

Retargeted Content– Prospects at this stage have already visited your website, and are aware of the details. It can be assumed there is genuine interest as well. Now it’s crucial to ensure they don’t forget about the event, and this can effectively be done using retargeting ads.

Such ads should showcase unique value proposition of your event, or special offers that take prospects across the tipping point. A similar strategy can be used on social as well, as Facebook allows users to create audiences from email lists and website visitors.

Influencers – Event influencers, including your speakers, trainers and delegates, should be encouraged to intensify promoting the event on social media in the immediate lead-up to it. Often, all it takes to tip the scales for a prospect is to see a particular industry thought-leader or specialist talk about it.

Regular Blogs – One of the oldest content marketing strategies is still one of the most effective. Regular posts providing updates and news keep the listening audience interested. Posts at this stage should be more specific though, targeting queries, pain points and items of high interest for your audience at the bottom of the funnel. The key word here is “nurture”. Provide prospects with regular information they can use, and the leads will come.

Once you get to fill the seats, the next step is to boost engagement. Talk to us to know about effective ways to spike engagement at your event.

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