The Zero Budget Event Marketing Plan

The Zero Budget Marketing Plan

“The best things in life are free”, sang Janet Jackson, and don’t you wish it were true? However,  shrinking budgets are a reality in the event industry, and every dollar has to be stretched as far as it will go.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help #eventprofs promote their events which cost nothing more than time, which, while precious, at least doesn’t cut into the marketing budget. Here are our favourites.

Facebook Events – This Facebook feature allows you to add critical event information, start discussion threads, post news and facilitate networking. Basically, everything your event website does. For smaller events, a Facebook Events page can replace the event website entirely, saving both time and money.

To create a Facebook event, visit and click “Create Event.” Add the basic info, upload a cover image, an elevator pitch, and get started.

Free PR Distribution Sites –  Good SEO boost gets the word out, loud and fast. PR pieces create conversations about your event, and backlinks pull visitors to your website. However, creating the PR is not enough.

Submitting your PR to free PR sites like 1888PressRelease, and newswire increase brand visibility as well as search rankings. Sharing the PR URL on your social profiles further adds to its reach and visibility.

Event Listings – Event listing websites often allow submission of event information for free. Not only does this promote the event beyond the core audience, it also helps with search rankings.

Some listing sites let people interested in the event subscribe to RSS feeds and get the latest updates. However, there are many niche event listing websites, and not all are appropriate for every event.

Guest blogs – There are plenty of guest blogs where experienced #eventprofs can contribute, as well as promote their next event. Connect with such bloggers on social media, and keep the relationship going. To increase your chances of getting published, keep the topic and tone in sync with what they have published recently.

Similarly, you can participate in webinars as a guest speaker. If you provide real value, no one will mind a few minutes of promotional content.

Your own speakers – Your speakers are your most valuable brand ambassadors. As influencers,  they come with their own audience, and are invested in your event’s success.

Encourage them to promote the event not just before the event, but also during and after. Request them to post special offers, event selfies, promote the event app link, and use the hashtag liberally.

With many unavoidable expenses, event budgets need to be carefully moderated and regulated. The tips listed above will help event managers do that. However, there are other ways as well. Event apps are not only great for attendees – they are also a cost-saving alternative to paper brochures. Talk to us to know how using our app can help reduce event costs, without compromising on your reach and branding.  

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