Marketing Hacks to Make your Prospect Consider Your Event!

In our previous post, we discussed how event marketers can attract attention of prospects and lead them to the first stage of the funnel. In this, we will talk about various marketing strategies to lead them further through the funnel. Stage 2 – Consideration This is when you have successfully engaged your prospects, and theyContinue reading “Marketing Hacks to Make your Prospect Consider Your Event!”

The Zero Budget Event Marketing Plan

“The best things in life are free”, sang Janet Jackson, and don’t you wish it were true? However,  shrinking budgets are a reality in the event industry, and every dollar has to be stretched as far as it will go. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help #eventprofs promote their events whichContinue reading “The Zero Budget Event Marketing Plan”

5 ways to slash your event marketing expenses via social media!

That social media is critical for event marketing hardly bears repeating any more. In fact, when we saw that nearly 60% of event organisers already use social media to promote their events (, the only question was, what’s the other 40% thinking!? Social media is still a low-cost, high ROI option, but it’s no longerContinue reading “5 ways to slash your event marketing expenses via social media!”