Event Apps: DIY Apps vs Enterprise Apps

If you are reading this article, then you are not a newbie to event apps. You are likely looking for an event management solution for your next conference. Here’s a quick comparison between DIY event apps – which seem to be popping up with regular frequency – and the heavyweights in the industry, the EnterpriseContinue reading “Event Apps: DIY Apps vs Enterprise Apps”

e2m Focus: World of iBeacons

They say, nothing succeeds like success. So let’s take a look at some success stories. ● SXSW 2014 used iBeacons to speed up the registration process and raise attendee engagement. (Source: attendease.com) ● CES 2014 used iBeacons to organize a “treasure hunt” for attendees, providing a unique event experience. (Source: cesweb.org) ● Attendees at theContinue reading “e2m Focus: World of iBeacons”

How to Make Your Event a Digital Triumph

We pack our smartphones, laptops and iPads even before we pack our toothbrushes. We get most of our news online. We see our friends mostly on social media. And you can bet your event attendees do exactly the same! Fact is, your event needs to establish its digital footprint long before the first registration, andContinue reading “How to Make Your Event a Digital Triumph”