Event Apps: DIY Apps vs Enterprise Apps

If you are reading this article, then you are not a newbie to event apps. You are likely looking for an event management solution for your next conference.

Here’s a quick comparison between DIY event apps – which seem to be popping up with regular frequency – and the heavyweights in the industry, the Enterprise brigade, put together by our team.

Blogpost 1

If the above chart has helped crystallize some thoughts, it has likely brought up some questions as well. Insights into the buying pattern of event apps provide the following questions that you might be asking yourself before choosing an app:

Q: How secure is your event app? Can we have single sign on and host on premises?
A: event2mobile uses app user Authentication System, secure channels for data access, encryption across device, en route and server. We can host on premises and are partnered with MobileIron & Good. We are the only mobile app provider with those partnerships.

Q: Are the apps fully branded and native to a specific device?
A: The apps are fully branded to the likes of your brand guidelines. We can even white label it if need be. We have native apps for all platforms.

Q: How long does the development process take once we sign on the contract?
A: Development phase takes 4-6 weeks after signing of contract.

Q: What is the support level from your side pre and during event?
A: We provide 24/7 support during the event and full support both pre/post event. We also assist in data upload, tutorial of CMS and send a spec sheet prior to your event to assist with logo size, pictures, etc.

Q: How long will the app remain live after the event?
A: The app will remain live as long as you want. Many clients use the app even when the event is over. Attendees continue to message, post photos and download collateral after the event.

Mobility is no longer a choice for event managers – the choice lies in how you integrate it into your event.

We might come across as pro enterprise event apps, but with a reason: the amount of time and effort required to develop a DIY app is pretty much the same, and results are vastly different.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you figure out which event2mobile solution can help you delight your audience and provide the best pre and post event engagement opportunities.

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