Essential Features of an Enterprise Training App

Putting together an internal training event takes a lot of preparation. Putting together one that attendees engage with enthusiastically is even more difficult. Integrating mobility into such events via an event app certainly makes managing them easier, but in order to enhance its value proposition for attendees, such apps need to have a core set of features that facilitate interaction, networking, learning and a feedback cycle.


Interaction and interactivity are the pillars of a successful event, and event apps need to facilitate them. Event apps that feature social media integration make it easy for learners and trainers to take their communication beyond the confines of the event itself and maximize its benefits. Event apps with innovative features can also make the event more fun. Adding gamification to the app’s core modules provide one more incentive for attendees to engage and interact.

Beyond fun and games, however, an event app specifically meant for training events also needs to add value to the actual ‘learning’ part of the exercise. This is achieved by an app that has quizzing and assessment features that learners can use after the event is concluded. Such features allow the learner to continue the learning process, sometimes across multiple events, ensuring the takeaways from one are not forgotten by the time the next one comes around. This also lets trainers plan more comprehensive and focused sessions with minimal recapping.

Before event apps, the only way to gauge attendee feedback was through guesswork or paper forms – most of which were never filled up. However, tracking attendee feedback and behavior is a great way to ensure events keep evolving and providing more value with every iteration. Feedback forms baked into event apps are much easier to fill up – no more hunting for pens, while deep analytics help track attendee behaviour far more accurately than before. Together, these features can help managers understand what attendees need from each event, and make the next one better.

event2mobile HR is a version of the popular event2mobile app customised for internal training events. It provides easy and instant access to the event agenda, speaker bios, sessions and all other relevant event information to help learners plan their event experience; all without them having to carry a single paper brochure or leaflet. Click here to talk to us about how event2mobile HR can help your event attendees make the most of internal training events.

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