Going Green Still Means Something



1. At least a 100 sheets are printed per attendee in an average event.

2. Printing each page can cost as much as $8 per page (including shipping, etc.)

It’s no secret that event apps are great value, especially compared to paper brochures and guides which cost quite a bit to print, stock, transport and distribute. In fact, according to recent surveys 91% of event organisers feel apps have improved their ROI significantly.

However, cost savings isn’t the only benefit of event apps – they are environmentally friendly too! Considering much of the printed material handed out at events end up in the trashcan, event apps certainly involve far less wastage and dead trees. Just think of the number of feedback forms that are handed out but never filled. With an event app’s Q&A module and survey tools, event managers get better feedback and data, with none of the wastage.

For some, exchanging business cards is the whole point of going to events, and yet, business card data gets punched into smartphones anyway, with the card itself usually discarded or forgotten. Event apps with built-in QR code integration can help attendees exchange contact information without exchanging physical cards. Easier AND greener! Even exhibitors can scan details of delegates and attendees, circumventing the whole “business cards in a fishbowl” tradition. CalDerm’s 2014 Annual Meeting App, built on the event2mobile platform, featured such a scanner, making for a much greener and eco-friendly event.

Going green is no longer something only ecology-themed events do. More and more events are taking their responsibilities to the environment seriously and going green in a variety of ways, including powering events using solar energy, using recyclable materials, and yes, deploying event apps. Talk to us about how you too can enhance attendee convenience AND reduce your carbon footprint at the same time with event2mobile.

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