e2m Focus: World of iBeacons


They say, nothing succeeds like success. So let’s take a look at some success stories.

● SXSW 2014 used iBeacons to speed up the registration process and raise attendee engagement. (Source: attendease.com)

● CES 2014 used iBeacons to organize a “treasure hunt” for attendees, providing a unique event experience. (Source: cesweb.org)

● Attendees at the Cannes Lion Festival found that networking had suddenly become a whole lot easier, thanks to their iBeacon-enabled event app.

● Organizers of Bonnaroo Festival 2014 mined valuable attendee data and gained insights into attendee behavior thanks to their deployment of iBeacons.


The list goes on.


Those little pebble-sized devices are taking the retail and event industries by storm. And with good reason. Ever since Apple introduced them a few years ago, iBeacons have provided unprecedented engagement and analytics opportunities. To put it simply, they let you read attendee behavior, analyze it, and then give attendees what they want, at a personal level.


OK, so every year, there’s a next big thing – a piece of technology that looks flashy, seems impressive, but has limited use at a real-world level. So let’s take a real-world scenario. Let’s say, an attendee walks into the exhibition hall, and hovers near a booth. Maybe the booth is crowded, or maybe the attendee just isn’t sure it has what he wants. However, the Beacons enabled event app on the attendee’s mobile device receives a push message from the booth, with their brochure, contact details and much more. Not only that, the device also records event behavior to track how many visitors visited each booth, how much time they spent in each, and more.


This sort of attendee behavior data would have been incredibly difficult or tedious to collect just a few years ago. iBeacons integration provides convenience for attendees, and actionable data for you and your exhibitors which can then be analayzed to improve the event experience as well as attendee satisfaction. Event2Mobile offers complete iBeacons integration into every facet of the app, so talk to us on how we can help enrich your event more.

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