How to Make Your Event a Digital Triumph

We pack our smartphones, laptops and iPads even before we pack our toothbrushes. We get

most of our news online. We see our friends mostly on social media. And you can bet your

event attendees do exactly the same! Fact is, your event needs to establish its digital footprint

long before the first registration, and continue to cover all digital touchpoints during and after the


Sending out the occasional newsletter and updating your Facebook page with the same pictures

that go up on your website does not cut it. Even a basic event app is old hat. To wow your

attendees, you need to go further.

An event app with iBeacons integration, for example, lets you track hyperlocal attendee

behavior and generate in-depth analytics. It even lets your target visitors with custom updates

and messages. iBeacons are already used at events like SXSW, Bonnaroo Festival, and the

Tribeca Film Festival, allowing organisers to track detailed event metrics that would help them

fine-tune the event experience and provide greater value.

As you can imagine, we work with event managers almost constantly, and “engagement” seems

to be one of their biggest headaches. By digitally gamifying engagement activities, we have

seen audience engagement shoot up, so much so that we made a dedicated gamification

module for event2mobile. To take engagement even further, you can also add a public photo

wall – a large digital monitor where attendees can upload their event images via the event app.

After all, there’s nothing that promotes engagement as much as seeing other people have fun!

Beyond the fun and games – lead capture is another activity that can be digitised to make it

much more efficient, quick and less bothersome for attendees. A QR code-based lead

generation system helps both attendees and event managers smoothly exchange information

and receive sales brochures and PDFs.

From also-digital, we are going to a world where it’s digital-first, and attendees expect more.

More convenience, more customization, and just plain more fun. To discuss how you can

digitize and mobilize your event and wow attendees, click here, and let’s chat.

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