4 Reasons Why Every Company Should Host Events

corporate event

Whether you run a small business with big dreams, or are in charge of marketing in a global company, one thing is for certain – you are never too small or too large to host events on a regular basis. Not only is an event a great opportunity for your company to gain exposure in front of your target audience, it can also be a powerful motivator and good for morale. Here are four reasons why every company, big or small, should include a variety of events in their yearly calendar.

Customer Engagement – Customer-centric events allow you to celebrate your customers and show your appreciation for them. This creates a bond that is stronger than “just business”. Whether you have 2 customers or 200, they can all be made to feel special through such events.

Lead Generation – When your customers are happy, they talk to others about it. The next time, they may even invite their entrepreneur friends to your event, allowing you to present your company culture before a potential lead who has already heard good things about you.

Morale Boost – Internal events like sporting events, town hall meetings and office celebrations, both in small scale or large, allow your employees to relax with their colleagues. This helps them bond at a personal level, something that is bound to spill over when they work together.

HR Value – In addition to the boost to morale, internal events are a great showcase of company culture before a wider audience, especially when their images and videos are promoted on social media and company blogs. This provides very real HR value as potential recruits are drawn to what is special and unique about the company, and it becomes more than just another place of employment.

All over the globe, some of the most successful corporations host events for clients and employees for the above reasons, and more. For example, Adobe hosts events to promote its latest products and releases throughout the year. Apple’s keynote events are celebrated globally and have become a must-watch for its fans. After the recent hacking incident, Sony Pictures held a town hall meeting to address its employees and boost morale, underscoring the importance of events in bringing employees together in the face of a crisis. Meanwhile, Acuity Insurance employees raised money for several worthy charities at their town hall meeting, showcasing the overall company culture.

Events are powerful opportunities for any company to show it cares, and rally those employees who may otherwise work in disparate location, but are united by a singular mission. They reinforce existing bonds, and help create new ones, and are of immense value to an organisation, irrespective of its size, vertical, or location.

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