5 Exhibitor AI Features Our Sales Team Insisted On

When we decided to create a platform specifically for exhibitors we went to the people who would be the first to use it – our own sales team. A lead engagement platform can have more features than needles on a porcupine, but without the following five, we’d like to believe it’s all sizzle, no steak.Continue reading “5 Exhibitor AI Features Our Sales Team Insisted On”

Bringing F-U-N Back to Your Internal Events

Corporate events are dull, boring affairs where attendees go through the motions while waiting for it to end, right? Wrong! At least, they don’t have to be! Even the most officious event can be spiced up with a bit of ingenuity, planning and help from technology. There are some useful tips which will help youContinue reading “Bringing F-U-N Back to Your Internal Events”