Bringing F-U-N Back to Your Internal Events

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Corporate events are dull, boring affairs where attendees go through the motions while waiting for it to end, right? Wrong! At least, they don’t have to be! Even the most officious event can be spiced up with a bit of ingenuity, planning and help from technology. There are some useful tips which will help you to bring back the “fun” in your event. Take a note of them and imply to get your desired result.

Introduce an Event App

Have you ever tried to find out why your employees are not showing interest in your internal events? If not then it’s time to think. The issue is intense and the solution to it is clear as broad daylight.

Your employees are probably not finding anything interesting. The age-old format of conducting internal events might have bored them. But you can’t just sit back and allow this to grow. There are steps you can take to resolve the situation.

Why not implement the use of mobile event apps? Event mobile apps are now widely used by big and small companies. For external events, the app assists the attendees. For internal events, these apps engage employees and drive them to participate more in the ongoing event. Sounds interesting? Want to know more? Keep reading.

Introduce Live Q&A Sessions

Now, what do you do if even after implementing the use of event mobile apps, your employees don’t show interest? Instead of losing hope you need to act smart and introduce certain engaging features in your app. The live Q&A session is definitely one of them.

The live Q&A session that event apps offer is not only convenient, but also engaging. Your employees were previously uncomfortable in asking questions during an internal event. The live Q&A session will make them feel comfortable in asking questions and clarifying their doubts. This is because they won’t have to be vocal.

Questions can be directly posted on the app by the user. The speaker, who also has access to the app, can check out the questions all at once. This encourages more employees to engage themselves in the ongoing seminar or workshop. Users can get their doubts and queries cleared in less time. If you have employees who feel shy to ask questions in public, the live Q&A session will surely trigger their interest.

Introduce Gamification

Do you think that due to boredom your employees are not showing interest in your internal events? Are the prolonged workshop and seminars taking a toll on them? Then why don’t you try something different to redirect your employee’s interest towards your event?

Look out for event apps which offer gamification to users. It boosts user engagement.
Ranging from activities like a treasure hunt and quiz contests to offering rewards and goodies, gamification can be of many types. No wonder your employees will get engaged in the internal more with the event app and gamification. This is the “fun” part which was missing in your events all this time.

Allow socializing

Are your employees not having enough fun and enjoyment during an internal event? If it is so, think what you are missing out on. Try giving them a scope to socialize even during the course of an event and see how engaged they get. This is not a ridiculous idea but something unconventional yet effective tip which you can try out.

When you use an event mobile app for your internal event, allow users (employees) to socialise. Try getting the app which has an inbuilt social media wall. Top rated event apps come with this feature. Users can enjoy the in-app social wall where they can share event related pictures and videos.

All posts can be seen by other app users as well. Every post can be shared as well and if anyone wishes, he/she can comment on it. Knowing all these, don’t you think allowing socializing will bring the “fun’ element in your internal events?

Run Anonymous Surveys

You might have a team of super-efficient employees who are the very best at their job. However, during an event, they generally don’t engage much. Do you know why it is so? The probable reason behind it is that they don’t want to publicly share their opinion over a particular agenda. However, this situation can be easily resolved.

Start by running anonymous surveys and live polls on the event mobile app. If you take this step your employees can freely share their opinion over a polling session. The app will throw a question to the users and they just need to vote. The identity of your employees will never get disclosed from the live session.

Event2mobile is a leading secure mobile app platform for enterprise events and conferences. It is used by clients from all over the world and has played a major role in iconic events like Chicago Comic Expo. Apart from successfully assisting external events, it also helps in organizing internal events. Book a demo now.

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