5 Exhibitor AI Features Our Sales Team Insisted On

Exhibitor Lead Follow-Up

When we decided to create a platform specifically for exhibitors we went to the people who would be the first to use it – our own sales team.

A lead engagement platform can have more features than needles on a porcupine, but without the following five, we’d like to believe it’s all sizzle, no steak.

Take a look

Easy Lead Capture

Is “easy” really a feature? It sure is, when it allows you to ditch those expensive scanners and use the smartphone that you’re always going to carry everywhere anyway.

A combination of smart scanning technology and QR codes make lead capture really easy and quick – crucial on a busy show floor.

Automated Follow Up

50% of leads only convert after the 4th follow-up. Unfortunately, very few sales teams have that kind of time or the manpower. So they do what they always do – go after the best, most qualified leads, and ignore the kinda-sorta-maybes.

This is where AI comes in handy. An AI-powered platform will do the what your sales team is usually too busy to do – follow up with the long shots and convert them to qualified leads. Let the smart guys work on the strategy and the other creative bits – and let the platform manage the repetitive grunt work.

Meeting Scheduler

Small things can sometimes make big differences.

A meeting scheduler is such a small little thing, but the ability to set a meeting right from the mail interface is one your leads will appreciate. Two little clicks and it’s set – leads can book time slots with your sales team members based on their own convenience and availability.

Lead Dashboard

Knowledge is power, so we designed our dashboard to make you feel like a superhero. The Exhibitor AI lead dashboard provides detailed lead info at a glance. From lead details like name and email (of course), to lead status, owner and more. You can even pause or stop campaigns for specific leads from this interface.

Easy CRM Integration

Software that doesn’t play well with others can be a huge headache. No one wants to rip out their old system because there’s a new part in place. Exhibitor AI features great integration with almost all leading enterprise systems, including Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot and others.

Exhibitor AI is a product we have a lot of faith in – because it is a product crafted from our own experiences. What started as an attempt to address the specific concerns faced by our sales team during exhibitions and conferences is now a full-fledged product combining the best of event2mobile and Zoe AI. If you too want to give your sales team the time and mindspace to do their best work, talk to us.

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