How AI Improves Your Attendee Experience

Even if you are not part of the tech industry, it is likely that you already know some of the incredible things Artificial Intelligence can do! In 2018, we really don’t need to go too far to see AI in action. You only need to check out an assistant like Siri or Cortana to realize AI is already here and becoming increasingly integrated into our lives.

Like so many other industries, the events industry is leaning more and more on AI. Here too, there is practically no limit to the potential of AI. With over 86% of event marketers banking on event apps for the success of their events, the future of this industry is mobile with AI a game changer in attendee experience.

Here are 3 things AI can do to create a truly enriching attendee experience.

AI Helps Drive Amazing Attendee Engagement

Creating meaningful event engagement can be tough! However, an event can’t really be called a success without it – in fact, event engagement is one of the metrics many event organizers use to measure ROI.

Apps that integrate AI can help attendees network with the right people based on common interests and then book meetings from the app itself. With AI, attendees don’t have to depend on good-old serendipity to network with the right people – the technology does a much better job.

AI Provides Quick Access to Information

Let’s be honest here. Your attendees come to the event with very little time and a lot to do. They don’t have the time to swipe, scroll, and hunt through a brochure or an event app for event information.

When event apps first launched, they were an instant hit because they gave attendees the ability to access information quickly. Today, there are little to no enterprise events without an app, and attendees expect and appreciate even more convenience.

One of the best ways to keep attendees happy is to provide them with tailor-made information at the right time, almost ‘guessing’ their requirements instead of expecting them to hunt for it. AI-powered event chatbots like ZOE do just that. They act as event guides, answering questions and providing answers through a conversational interface that is much easier to navigate.

Provides Organisers with Valuable Data

One of the strengths of event apps is the amount of data they collect. By adding a chatbot, the data comes not just in the form of numbers, but direct verbal cues from conversation snippets and emotions.

When people ‘converse’ with a chatbot, they feel a sense of gratification because of the prompt replies. Chatbots are more intuitive than apps and attendees engage in conversations better. Analysis of attendee questions can reveal the most popular sessions, most appreciated event and most demanded improvements.

The future of event technology is AI and as they say, the future is now. AI-powered event chatbots like ZOE with their conversational interface and proactive suggestions let you understand attendees in a much deeper way than ever.

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