Top 10 Virtual Event Hosting Tips for Event Planners

3 months ago when we started our webinar series on virtual events, we shared that the future of the event industry lies in virtual events. After 3 months, we’ve been a trusted virtual event platform for many medium-scale and Fortune 500 companies. Now that the pandemic continues to halt in-person events, we believe it’s timeContinue reading “Top 10 Virtual Event Hosting Tips for Event Planners”

9 Ways to Make Your Virtual Event More Exciting

Why are we talking about events at a time when business continuity is at risk? Events are a lifeline for companies in the B2B sector. They cannot be stopped. For many companies, they are not only a means for getting business, but also means to drive energy, drive learning, and a means for growth. WithContinue reading “9 Ways to Make Your Virtual Event More Exciting”

How AI Improves Your Attendee Experience

Even if you are not part of the tech industry, it is likely that you already know some of the incredible things Artificial Intelligence can do! In 2018, we really don’t need to go too far to see AI in action. You only need to check out an assistant like Siri or Cortana to realizeContinue reading “How AI Improves Your Attendee Experience”

event2mobile at EVENTtech 2017

  It’s event season once again folks! And you bet event2mobile is going to be there! EVENTtech is next week! And to say that we’re excited is underselling it. EVENTtech is, of course, the tech tune-up season for us! It’s the leading conference for people who want to stay on top of the latest inContinue reading “event2mobile at EVENTtech 2017”

Augmented Reality Module Of event2mobile Makes It A Breeze For Attendees To View Speaker Bios

Mobile event apps need to be as user-friendly as possible. You need to ensure that users can access the information they need with minimum effort. Implementing Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the app can be a great way of doing that. Are you familiar with Augmented Reality (AR) technology? Simply put, it forms a bridgeContinue reading “Augmented Reality Module Of event2mobile Makes It A Breeze For Attendees To View Speaker Bios”