event2mobile at EVENTtech 2017




It’s event season once again folks! And you bet event2mobile is going to be there!

EVENTtech is next week! And to say that we’re excited is underselling it.

EVENTtech is, of course, the tech tune-up season for us! It’s the leading conference for people who want to stay on top of the latest in tech and social and there’s no way we could have missed out!

We look forward to exploring innovations in event tech, meeting fellow tech-heads, and of course talking about event2mobile, our enterprise event app platform.

event2mobile is a powerful event app platform that has been deployed by industry leaders like PwC, Cognizant, Accenture and leading finance and banking institutions. One of the major reasons for this is its Integration with mobile device management (MDM) software such as Good and Mobiletron, ensuring data remains secure. What’s more, event2mobile can also be integrated with Eva, the first chatbot for event apps.

Eva responds to common queries in real time and frees up the helpdesk to attend to more urgent and unique queries. Ir also guides attendees to trade shows and exhibitor booths based on the sessions and speakers they have shown interest in. Eva, with its inbuilt solutions for recording audience response, attracts more active participation from the attendees. Together with Eva, event2mobile is changing the event landscape like never before and we are excited to talk about this change with fellow tech-heads.

Not coming to EVENTtech? No worries, you can shoot a mail to [email protected] and we will get in touch soon.

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