Why sponsors love event apps!


Why sponsors love event apps

Just like an event cannot happen without an event organizer, similarly, it cannot take shape without the event sponsors. The main thing a sponsor looks for when being part of an event is a return on their investment. Introducing mobile event apps can be a good leverage to induce more and more sponsors to sign up for your event. Here are the five different reasons why sponsors are all for event apps.

The more visibility event organizers can promise prospective sponsors, the more likely they are to come sign on the dotted line. An event app is a great leverage in this regard.

An event app

  • Helps optimize brand visibility of your sponsors
  • Allows sponsors to get actionable data – page views, page clicks and info about prospects
  • Measure ROI effectively and take informed decisions aligned with the business goals

5 reasons why sponsors absolutely love event apps :

Multiple sponsorship opportunities – From the app splash screen to the top of the main menu, sponsors get to be everywhere. Make your major sponsors feel special by highlighting them on your app screen splash or any other focal point, where the attendee traffic is high.

Targeted Push Notifications – Relevant & Personalized messaging is the key in acquiring quality leads from an event. With Targeted Push, attendees can be segmented based on their activity (sessions attended, participation in contest) and location (using beacons). Here’s the secret sauce, you can directly let them download your product brochure or show a product video.

Lead Nurturing – Just getting spotted by a prospect is not the only opportunity that is there for the sponsor. Event apps can also have a separate sections where interested attendees can opt to subscribe for newsletters from the sponsor.

A dedicated module – Event apps can come with a whole new module to showcase event sponsors. There attendees and exhibitors can get detailed info about the sponsors such as their website links and contact information. This leaves scope to continue the conversation further. In the event2mobile app, event managers can categorize their sponsors by sponsorship tier as well.

Detailed analytics – The analytics report that you share with your sponsors gives them actionable data. Such reports cover key metrics like most popular Speaker profiles, maximum number of clicks, etc. As an event organizer, you are helping sponsors to measure their event ROI easily.

The event2mobile app provides event managers various opportunities to keep their sponsors happy and surpass their ROI. Contact us for a more detailed chat on how else event2mobile benefits your next event.

event2mobile Event App

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