How your event app can help make your next event better!

How your event app can help make your next event better

There are different aspects that will help in ensuring that an event app is the answer to all your worries for your upcoming event. This is especially true when it comes to getting all the right data of different kinds in one place which is the key to judge attendee behavior, engagement, the popularity and success rate of the event, the percentage of lead generation and the likes. Read more to find out how to make the best use of your event app.

The key to a good event is giving the audience what they want. Data analytics help organizers analyze audience sentiments and figure out what they want better than surveys and feedback forms ever can. This is because:

  • Analytics are gleaned from app usage, whereas forms and surveys have to be filled in, which not all attendees may do
  • Analytics reflects attendee behavior, while they may not be honest on feedback forms
  • Analytics don’t disrupt the conference experience for attendees, which surveys may do

Good analytics is actionable. They help

  • Gauge the interest areas of attendees
  • Figure out the incentives needed to engage them for the next event
  • Help provide ROI metrics to sponsors and exhibitors
  • Plan strategies for the next event

Event apps are a reliable way to gain data-driven insights.  In-app activities of attendees provide actionable data about what has struck a chord with the audience, and what hasn’t. For example, the event app can track audience sentiments via following key metrics

  • Session rating
  • Session attendance
  • Session activities, polls and surveys

Social Wall activities, Photo & Video Wall and Speakers bookmarks are also tracked via app analytics, providing unfiltered information about attendee behavior. Event managers can go even deeper and get information about the mobile devices used by attendees, the most visited screens, the operating systems used, and the top viewed sections.

Once this information is analyzed, sessions, tracks and workshops that were the most engaging can be identified and even ranked. This can help track event ROI and plan the next event more efficiently.

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