Top 3 Most Important Data Types to be Gathered from Event Apps

Event App Analytics Report

Event App Analytics Report

High-expense of B2B events makes it difficult for marketers to justify them to higher-ups. Data offered by event apps can support this cause. Marketers mainly need to focus on 3 types of data which are as follows:

1: Behavioral Data
Event organizers can hold surveys with the help of apps like Event2Mobile App. Organizers can gather tangible evidence like what attendees think of sessions and speakers. Event2Mobile also enables organizers to plan offers. Analytics reports on offer planners provide organizers with ROI data.

2: Technical Data
Mobile apps analytics data can help in calculating how many attendees shared contact information, connect with other participants or scheduled meetings using apps. If a good number of meetings are scheduled during events/conferences, organizers can demarcate a space with chairs, tables and arrange for refreshments.

3: Contextual Data
Most events generate leads. Event organizers can get complete customer journey data when they compare behavioral data with information received from sources like Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It can help ascertain how prospects become clients or what are the reasons behind sales drop.

These 3 types of data can help event marketers get insights into event performance without losing objectives amidst miscellaneous analytics data. Tangible evidence can inspire decision makers of B2B companies to give a go-ahead to events.

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