How to Make Event Apps more Useful for Exhibitors?

Exhibitors Edition App

Exhibitors Edition App

Event exhibitors prioritize branding exposure, audience engagement, high website traffic etc. Sponsorship can make or break some events and conferences. So it is important to prioritize the objectives of event exhibitors.

Event organizers can opt for event apps like e2m Exhibitor Lead App to inspire more people to exhibit their products/services and sponsor events in return.

Key Features

Create awareness
Website visitors can put their queries before AI-enabled chatbot. Exhibitors can send promotional emails to subscribers or members of the email recipient list. It is easy to schedule emails with the aid of AI-enabled email marketing tool.

Engage with kiosk/booth visitors
Booth visitors can gather information about product/services showcased at particular booths with the support of beacons. The AI-enabled chatbot can guide event visitors to their desired booths.

Showcase collaterals like brochures
Exhibitors can enhance banding exposure with the aid of collaterals like brochures and leaflets. Booth visitors can download brochures and store them in their mobile devices.

Collect leads
QR code/ OCR scanning tools simplify the process of lead collection. Sales executives can decrease the chances of error and collect accurate data. They can store data immediately in databases.

Prompt followups
Exhibitors can maximize the benefits of data collected from event leads by maintaining prompt followup processes. AI-enabled email followup system can help marketing executives create personalized emails and schedule them accordingly.

Event marketers can promote the event app to exhibitors and focus on measurable values of its key features. One can book a demo by filling up the form attached with e2m Exhibitor Lead App web page and we will get in touch in no time.

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