Are you Ready for the Next Wave of Event Technology?

AI can Play Pivotal Role to Shape New Event Tech

AI can Play Pivotal Role in Shaping New Event Tech

Update event tech or accept mediocrity. No one can expect to rule the event industry without adopting latest technology. Have doubts about the efficacy of new tools on the block? Well, tools which are indispensable at present like mobile event apps, went through similar phases of doubts and scrutiny.

Popular tech buzzwords can give clues on the next big names. AI or Artificial Intelligence is one such tech term that is creating ripples in the event industry. Have a look at views of experts.

Can AI be the ‘next big thing’ in the event industry?

Will AI become a must-have event tech? To be 100% certain, one needs a time machine. However, a near-to-perfect assumption can be made by analyzing recent forecasts made by industry experts.

At ‘2018 Global Meetings and Events Forecast’, American Express Meetings & Events had expressed their views in words, “The ongoing evolution of mobile apps and hybrid meeting solutions, combined with the potential applications for newer technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), have exciting implications for meeting owners and attendees alike.”

AI as event tech

AI can enhance attendee experience and reduce event marketing cost.

AI-enabled chatbots

Considered ever how many prospects one lose during the peak hours of event organization and promotion? Nagging caller tunes of engaged phone lines make people feel helpless. It builds up frustration and significantly decreases the chances of winning event attendees.

Let us also think about overworked human event representatives. AI-enabled chatbots like ZOE chatbot can answer people’s queries within fractions of seconds. An instant response can offer immediate gratification to people who want to join events.

AI-enabled emails

A significant aspect of marketing automation, AI-enabled emails can help digital marketers create personalized email contents, keep a tab on authentic email recipients and schedule them according to user preferences. app suite can implement AI for marketing automation. It also enables digital marketers to create effective follow-up emails without annoying recipients.

To get hold of detailed information on event app suite, just fill-up the form attached to the footer of the website and book a demo. Unless want to help out business competitors, do not defer a decision.

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