Popular Reasons to Automate Event Registration Processes

Automatic event registration

Automatic event registration

Reasons behind automating event registration processes?

Step back a few years! People would visit event registration centers, manually fill-up forms and pay in cash or sign a check. Or they would call event executives while the latter would note down information and guide them about payment processes. The first method was utterly non-user-friendly and the second one was prone to error.

A few years down the line and we saw changes coming through. Event organizers would send emails to people with attached event registration forms. Those eager to participate in events would fill-up forms and send them back. They would make online payment later on.

It is 2018 and time to automate the entire process of event registration. Count the benefits.

Benefits of automated event registration processes for event organizers

  1. Reply to queries about event registration with the aid of integrated chatbot
  2. Personalize email content for attendees/ speakers/ exhibitors
  3. Automate invitation, follow-up and confirmation emails
  4. Create event registration pages and publish them at once
  5. Include secured payment gateways with event registration pages
  6. Reduce the cost of marketing

Benefits of automated event registration processes for event attendees

  1. Receive prompt replies related to event registration processes from chatbots
  2. Get uniform experience throughout all devices
  3. Personalized email content to help attendees have a deeper connection with events
  4. Email campaigns are scheduled according to user behavior
  5. Payment gateways are integrated with event registration pages
  6. Miscellaneous information like how to reach event venues, where to stay or which are the top attractions to visit can be added to event registration pages

With so many benefits to look forward to, event organizers cannot “say no” to secured event apps like Event2Mobile. It is a complete suite which enables event organizers to automate event registration steps and lets marketers and salespeople explore the potential of AI-enabled chatbot or quick-start AI-enabled email campaigns, automate marketing processes and explore the benefits of augmented reality in gamification. Those who want to create only an event registration app or a website can opt for Event2Mobile Registration (e2m reg) as a standalone service. Visit our website, click ‘request a demo’ button on top right and we will get in touch with you at your preferred time.

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