Integrating An Automated Event Organizer App & A Chatbot to Serve the Role of A Dual Dozer

Holding successful events is not a child’s play. Numerous steps are involved with events. Each step demands your 100% attention. It is not easy to micro-manage everything. Hence, if you wish for an automated event organizer app, we cannot blame you.

Thanks to multi-purpose event organizer apps like event2Mobile or event2mobile, you can automate most of the event-related operations. event2mobile has been developed by the talented and dynamic app developers of Web Spiders. They have enhanced its functionality by integrating a chatbot with event2mobile.

First, let us focus on the functions of event2mobile.

event2mobile offers:

event2mobile mobile app prioritizes information security. With the aid of event2mobile, enterprises can initiate secured information transfer processes and utilize that information for holding successful events.

event2mobile is equally helpful in holding internal events like conferences. It facilitates a seamless integration between mobile device management (MDM) platforms like AirWatch and information model concepts like Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP. event2mobile helps you monitor and synchronize information transfer irrespective of the mobile device platform i.e. it allows the access of Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian. You can ensure a greater security of information transfer by choosing cloud servers over on-premise servers.

Content Personalization
event2mobile automates the processes of agenda update; helps the event attendees, delegates and exhibitors keep a tab on the event via real-time alerts and opens up multiple avenues of content distribution.

Internal Social Media Wall
Helps you drive a closed-door engagement among event participants with the help of an internal social media wall.

Interactive Session Platform
Helps you hold interesting QA sessions and polls related to your event. Participants can click event related pictures and upload them with the aid of built-in photo app.

Mobile Meeting Module
event2mobile enhances participant contentment. It automates appointment booking processes and suggests delegate names based on the personal preferences of participants.

event2mobile can be utilized for event marketing processes. Your marketing professionals can monitor and analyze user engagement via event2mobile.

Attendee Engagement Programs
You can enhance user engagement by introducing gaming features and rewarding the winners of the game.

Event attendees knock the helpdesk officials with multiple queries. In order to simplify the process, we have automated this step with the help of an integrated chatbot. Nicknamed EVA, this chatbot helps event attendees to explore the functions of event2mobile. So instead of wasting time on manual search processes, the attendees can directly put their queries before EVA. Those it cannot answer can be replied by human agents. Hence, EVA can simplify the initial steps of customer services.

Combination of event2mobile and EVA can easily play the role of a dual dozer. It helps you demolish hurdles and organize successful events. To book a free demo, you just have to fill up the form and let our representative talk to you at your preferred hour.

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