Top 7 Tips to Optimize Data Generated by Journey Mapping of Event Participants

Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

Journey mapping of events traces paths of event attendees and evaluates quality of experience. Event apps like event2mobile (e2m) can offer concrete evidence (in figures) to map journies of event attendees.

Event professionals can use journey mapping to meet and even exceed expectations of attendees. Here are 7 tips to optimize outcomes of journey mapping and maximize benefits out of events.

1: Pinpoint priorities: Apart from business priorities, clients want to focus on some particular interests like food or places to visit around. Event professionals should prepare pertinent questionnaires and gather information from clients.

Questionnaires should also include columns to set priorities of elements of interest. In this way, event planners and clients can minimize conflict of interest.

2: Have a macro vision: There are also drawbacks of too much focus on detailed information offered by journey mapping process. It can lead to losing an overall perspective. For example, one should invest time prudently and delegate enough hours for every task like selecting best caterer and music band.

One can implement chatbots like e2mbot and engage participants to prioritize their expectations and generate an overall vision of events. Polls and live question-answer sessions can also be effective tools.

3: Generate buzz: It is easy to expand outreach of event promotional activities by highlighting on some VIP delegates. Another popular way is to focus on theme of events. Event venues can also serve as points of interest.

Event promoters can engage advertising agencies to create and publish attractive teasers. However, elements of surprise should never be revealed. Such surprise elements should be planned for event participants only.

4: Be unpredictive: Think out-of-box to create memories. Photo booths, dynamic leaderboard games with reward points, interactive beverage and food stations and entertainment shows can be some amazing ideas to try out. High chances are there that participants will talk about events long after they are over.

5: Situational modifications: E2m app can assist event organizers to estimate views and impressions of participants. Organizers can hold live question-answer sessions or conduct polls and find out most popular as well as worst aspects of events. Based on data, event organizers can bring in instantaneous modifications.

6: Social media buzz: A social wall is an integral aspect of e2m app suite. It recognizes event name hashtags ‘#’ posted across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and displays them on a single platform. Social media responses are more genuine outpouring of emotions than formal testimonials.

7: Productive follow-up: Successful follow-up efforts can play pivotal roles in establishing long-term professional relationships with clients. Apps like e2m can send AI-enabled personalized emails to event participants.

One can also schedule emails according to responses of receivers. It can help in reducing number of unsubscribers and optimize experience of event participants.

E2m app can assist event organizers to access journies of participants. For an elaborate information, write to us and get a free demo.

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