Making Money – How to Put your Conference App to Work

Event Apps to Inspire more Sponsors

Event Apps to Inspire more Sponsors

Right sponsorship programs can offset against costs of events or conferences. Wondering if event cum conference apps can be used to inspire sponsors to invest money into events! Let us find out.

The Significance of Homepage Screens

Homepage screens of event apps don the hat of spokespersons. Vital information regarding event and conference agendas, speakers, timings and venue locators, all are present on homepage screens. Hence, if we add sponsor logos to these screens, attendees will most likely notice them.

How about showcasing sponsor logos on loading pages? With a minimum content to compete against, here, there is a greater chance to bring the focus of the event and conference attendees on sponsor logos.

Customized Banner Ads

What sun rays are to plants, banner ads are to event apps. Decisions on static or dynamic banner ads can be made on the bases of sponsor numbers. Can add CTA buttons with banner ad slides and redirect attendees to sponsor websites or promotional offer pages.

Breakthrough ideas can be applied to customize banner ad slides. Alluring images with a focus on promotional offers or enticing messages can be added as pop-ups which can appear with subsequent click-throughs.

Be the Voice for Event Sponsors

In-app alert notifications can guide targeted attendees to particular sponsor booths. In general, such alert notifications are used to convey time-specific information and encourage attendees to click upon CTA buttons.

Sponsors of events or conferences can use in-app alert notifications at any stage of their marketing cycles. They can drive in audiences to their booths, start conversations and successfully close marketing cycles by encouraging audiences to register at their websites or agree to do the bookings.

Mark Event Sponsors on Maps

Easy-to-use maps can raise the number of event attendees. Can also add route numbers of public bus services to the maps for an easier access to venues. Similarly, why not mark addresses of event sponsors on maps? Those who will click the sponsors’ names will be redirected to their websites.

Event and conference organizers can place sponsor logos near map headings. This method will be less interfering with the common functions performed by venue locator maps.

Export Big Data

Event and conference apps can enable attendees to create sessions, add them to their lists of favorites and schedule accordingly. Usually, such sessions comprise of names of speakers and agendas or topics on subjects of interest.

Such sessions, when exported to sponsors, can act as rich repositories of information. Event attendees can export such lists of sessions to event organizers and later can then let sponsors have an access to the lists. Sponsors can use such information for promotional activities. In fact, analysis of session lists can offer valuable data to proceed with follow-up processes.

Event and conference apps like Event2Mobile or e2m can perform all above-mentioned functions, customized according to specific requirements of sponsors. E2m can help event organizers to engage more sponsors and prioritize their goals. Write to us and get a free demo to have a thorough understanding of how the e2m app can inspire more sponsors to join events.


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