Why is e2m reg a Game Changing Online Event Registration App?

Mobile-First Event Registration

Mobile-First Event Registration

As the event and conference industry is expected to expand up to 44% by the end of 2020, we can’t take attendee experience lightly. Going by the saying, ‘The First Impression is the Last Impression’, let’s us focus on how to offer an impressive check-in experience to event attendees with the aid of e2m reg.

Key Features of e2m reg

No need to skip lunches to create event registration pages. Create customized event registration pages, simplify registration processes and guide attendees towards next levels of events in a blink.

1: Simple mobile-first registration

Easy to use and on the go event registration forms let attendees register from anywhere. All screen resolution optimization does away with device limitation. SSO or Single Sign-On integration facility lets attendees log-in to their accounts from multiple devices.

Attendees get a seamless experience throughout different devices. OS portability enables attendees to use e2m reg from iOS/Android/Windows or any other platform.

Attendees can subscribe to newsletters or emails from event registration pages themselves. Easy navigation and scalability enhance the user-friendliness of e2m reg.

Attendees can make secured payments. Advanced encryptions and other security features of e2m reg safely store financial details of event attendees.

2: Quicker creation of attendee profiles

Attendees can create their profiles, upload pictures and add interests. They can add hashtags and share event pictures with other attendees on social-media platforms.

Social-media hashtag posts can be automatically displayed on event social pages. Attendees can exchange views with delegates and exhibitors via their profiles. They can create sessions and send them to event and conference organizers.

Exported sessions are themselves huge repositories of information. Exhibitors can fetch sessions from organizers and use them to offer personalized services to event attendees. Sessions can be really helpful to plan follow-up marketing procedures.

3: Offer personalized attendee experience

Accurate analysis of user information has enabled big eCommerce companies to run customized marketing campaigns like sending personalized emails or offering discounts. Event registration forms can also serve as information repositories.

AI-enabled event engagement solutions can use attendee information to suggest speakers or particular booths according to subjects of interest.

Event organizers can tweak registration pages to gather specific information from attendees so to provide them with personalized services. There are options to change the colors and fonts of event registration page templates.

4: Simple and secure 3rd party integration

Event organizers can extend functionalities of e2m reg by integrating 3rd party services. To offer attendees a secure financial transaction facility cum the benefit of single sign-on, event organizers can tie-up with some SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) vendor. Attendees can save time and money and also safely store confidential financial details in the cloud.

API-connectivity enables event organizers to gather and store attendee information in databases in the existing environment. e2m reg frees up event officials from data collection and storage tasks and reduces chances of manual error.

Want to have words with us and know more about e2m reg and e2m.live app suite in details? You can also request a FREE demo. Hurry up, get ready and begin the event season with a bang!


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