The Secret Weapon to Market Events – Fuel their Wanderlust

event and travel industries

event and travel industries

How can travel industry complement event industry? The question is being explored by many big travel brands and event organizers.

Online hospitality brands like Airbnb are running dedicated webpages for bookings related to events. Event organizers are also adding Airbnb widgets to their event pages to help attendees find best accommodations near venues.

How can event industry leverage the travel industry?

Developers of mobile apps for conferences and events can follow the suit and add more features to highlight nearby places of interest etc. Event organizers can play with diverse ideas and go for customized event apps.

Possibilities to raise number of event attendees

Traveling is a great booster to promote events particularly in happening metropolises. Cost-effective accommodation options available with event apps will help attendees to stick with their budgets.

Tech event organizers can entice more youngsters to attend events. Tech-savvy youngsters can easily book accommodations via Airbnb, VRBO or couch surfing. Just adding a separate menu option like ‘Accommodation’ on the event homepage can do wonders.

Customized search options

Event organizers can add event venues from online hospitality brands. Airbnb members also offer their properties for organizing events. Organizers should share event details with hosts and acquire permissions for organizing events. Same goes with hotel accommodations.

Add accommodation widget to event webpage

Event organizers can offer home block options to event attendees. Event apps can have separate room widgets where attendees can search, select and book their preferred rooms.

Add more filters and make event apps more user-friendly

Accurate filter options can add fun to search processes. Also, care must be taken to add details of accommodation properties like ‘Handicap accessible’ or ‘Pets allowed’ etc.

Promoting local tourism industry

Events and conferences can be wonderful means of promoting local tourism industry. Big budget events can contribute a lot like recently held Sitecore Symposium 2018 in Orlando, Florida did to local businesses.

In fact, organizers of #SitecoreSymposium2018 promoted the venue as much as the agenda. And why shouldn’t they do so? Not every day do we visit the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Event organizers interspersed tech sessions with amusement activities like Universal CityWalks. Social media accounts of event attendees were flooded with pictures telling happy tales. Be it fine dining experiences or availing exclusive accesses to top attractions of the Universal City, the event organizers ensured that attendees had a lifetime experience.

Build hype around upcoming events by focusing on venues

Event promoters can highlight venues to build hype around events. It’ll certainly add a soft touch to B2B events which are otherwise strictly focused on agendas. Venues of annually held Sitecore Symposiums created as much hype as the tech-event itself.

Event apps can be customized accordingly to highlight event venues. AI-trained Event2Mobile Event Chatbot can engage app visitors to amusing small-talks focused around local tourist attractions etc. Interested people can be guided to event registration forms.

To know more about how Event2Mobile app can help event organizers hold successful events by focusing on venues, write to us and book a free demo. Don’t miss the chance to entice event attendees by feeding the travel bug.


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