How Event Check-in Apps Can Help Improve Attendee Experience

Sure, having a great event check-in app is bound to impress your attendees. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. A key feature of an event check-in app is the ability to track audience behaviour and generate relevant data.  An event manager can leverage the data to improve attendee experience in real time as well as for future events.

How event check-in apps can help improve attendee experience in real time

An event manager can use the event check-in app to track guest attendance across sessions and booths. The real time data helps them spot the session or booth that is attracting maximum footfalls and understand audience preference. They can leverage this information to tweak the event to further enhance attendee experience. Similarly, exhibitors too can leverage the app to track audience behaviour in their booths.

An event check-in app keeps attendees updated about the ongoing and upcoming sessions and eliminates the need to refer to the schedule constantly. The session updates can be customized. Consistent event updates, especially those on any last minute changes, minimize the chance of confusion.

How event check-in apps can help improve audience experience for future events

Leading event check-in apps like e2m check-in let the event managers download the QR codes of a chosen session or the QR codes of all sessions to calculate check-in attendance. It also lets them export analytics of individual sessions to measure the event’s overall impact.

The e2m check-in app also uses data visualization to render event statistics, such as the peak hour for a booth or session, the total attendance count and the time of arrival. Event manager can use these stats to refine their strategy for future events. Polls and survey conducted through the app can help them gain audience feedback, after which they can reach out to dissatisfied attendees for further suggestions. They can also collect the details keyed in by an event attendee to map every touchpoint and engage with them to convert them to returning attendees.

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