event2mobile Powers the Official Event App for Millennial 2020

event2mobile powers the official event app for Millennial 2020, Asia Summit 2017!

Millennial 2020/Asia Summit is THE curated exhibition Asia is looking forward to this month.True to its name, the event is targeted specifically towards millennials, with leading brands, retailers, and startups from the APAC region sharing space to woo a young audience that wields considerable spending power.

Such a large scale event needs a robust app to ensure a smooth experience for both attendees and organisers. It had to support over three thousand attendees without a hiccup as well as be well-designed enough to impress its young audience. Thus, the organisers partnered with WS group to build the app on our event2mobile event app platform.

Like all event2mobile apps, the Millennial 2020 event app also has a simple interface that helps attendees navigate the information with the fewest clicks. It contains comprehensive information about speakers, sponsors, partners and other attendees and has features that make networking easy. The app also has an add-on feature for exhibitors which helps them track leads generated at the event quite easily.

event2mobile is a powerful app platform with robust security features. It has been deployed by brands like Cognizant, PwC and Pizza Hut, as well as leading banks and financial institutions for their internal events. In addition to enhancing attendee event experience, event2mobile also has in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities to help organisers understand attendee behaviour.

event2mobile is a fully scalable platform and can add value to all corporate events, from small internal gatherings to those with thousands and even tens of thousands of attendees. To see how we can help make your event better, click here and book a demo. Our executives will get in touch with you in no time!

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