How to leverage Event Check-in Apps to create a great first impression

Impress event attendees right from when they check-in — this is what most event blogs will tell you and they are right. However, if you want to go the extra mile, leverage a versatile event check-in app to create a great first impression on the attendees even before they arrive onsite.


Your event RSVP is your first chance at impressing the attendees. You can also create personalised RSVPs for different profiles such as speakers, press and exhibitors, if your app allows you to do so. This will make them feel welcome and help you manage the event more efficiently as well.

Your event check-in app should have more features that can help you enhance the overall attendee experience. Here are some of them.

Arrival alerts: Event apps like e2m check-in let you set up arrival alerts for VIPs. The app notifies you the moment they check-in and you can greet them right at the doorstep, helping them feel comfortable from the very beginning.

Fast check-in: Long queues, human error leading to further delay and grumbles around the registration desk don’t make for a great ambience. Trade that fuss for a robust app, where the attendees can just scan the QR codes to register. The DIY element makes for an empowering attendee experience. Also, the scope of error is negligible.

Intuitive design: No amount of innovative features makes up for a complicated interface. Leading apps like e2m check-in have a simple, intuitive user interface, where no separate login credentials are needed. The attendees can use the login credentials of the event2mobile app to log in.

Green option: As per a Frost & Sullivan research, using an event app decreases printing cost by as much as 7 percent. This also means a smaller carbon footprint — another reason for the attendees to be impressed.

Data security: Paper records can be lost, burnt or leaked. Using a robust check-in app, where data is stored in a secure cloud will assure the attendees that their personal data is safe.

Impressing the attendees is just one of the benefits of using an event check-in app. Watch this space to know how you can use it for efficient data collection and actionable insights.

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