5 Essential Features Your Event App Must Have in 2018

event app

event app

An event app is like that exotic little black dress you keep ready for a party – Of course you can wear something else, but it will not be the same amazing experience without that beautiful dress. Same with an app. It just isn’t the same experience for your attendees unless your event has one.

Let’s face it – event apps in 2017 have evolved significantly from the apps of 2016. They are far more feature-rich, ready to handle almost everything that an attendee needs. However, this is not where the evolution stops. Apps in 2018 are going to be EVEN more powerful. Here’s our pick for five features that your event app absolutely has to have in 2018.

Easy Navigation

Nothing is more irritating than an app that is difficult to navigate. Multiple layers of menus and sub-menus tend to frustrate users, so make it as simple and intuitive as you can. The quicker the attendees get used to navigating the app, the more engaging the experience becomes, and the more they are likely to use it!

Maps and Directions

In a globalised world, your attendees are just as likely to be from out-of-station as not. Having a map baked into your app that helps them navigate the city and reach the venue easily will definitely be appreciated.

Social Media Integration

For today’s digitally-savvy attendees, social media has replaced the traditional bar, pub or watering hole. It’s where they hang out and share their experiences. If you want them to share how great a time they are having at your event, you have to make it easy for them. So, adding social media sharing buttons is critical if you want your event to have social buzz.

Smooth Performance

Ok, this may be cheating, because smooth performance is not exactly a feature, but it’s so crucial that we couldn’t leave it out. Gone are the days when the very existence of an event app was novel enough to have attendees gloss over its issues and imperfections. Now, users expect a smooth performance. Ensuring your app is well-designed and tested on multiple popular devices is an absolute must.


Personalization always makes people a little more inclined to use an app. An app that lets users add a profile image and some cool personal details is so much more engaging than an impersonal piece of software you just browse through. Ensure your event app has some personalisation features, and think about ways in which you can use the information to make networking easier and more fun for attendees.

The above list is crucial, yes. Exhaustive? Definitely not. There’s so much more that an event app is now expected to be that we can’t really go through them all. What we can do, however, is sit down with you and go through what your event and your attendees need in their app.

So drop us a line here, and we’ll make sure one of our reps get to you asap.

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