3 Reasons Why An AI Bot in your Event App is like delicious Jelly in your PB Sandwich

3 Reasons Why An AI Bot in your Event App is like delicious Jelly in your PB Sandwich

Or spoonfuls of steaming chocolate fudge on your ice cream.

Or extra cheese on your pepperoni pie

…and now I’m hungry. I may have let the metaphor get away from me there.

To get back to the topic, we keep hearing heated arguments online on how an app is better than a bot, or a bot is better than an app, with compelling arguments from both sides. Being the even-tempered folks we’d like to think we are, we thought.

“Why not both?”

Yes, event2mobile comes with its own built-in bot created specifically for events. Like the proverbial genie in the bottle, it grants wishes, making the event experience more useful and convenient for event organisers as well as attendees. Here are some of them.

An AI bot answers questions – Sure the app may have all the information, but often, the attendee would rather just ask who is speaking next and more importantly, when’s lunch. NLP-enabled AI bots can easily recognise these questions, both spoken and typed, and provide the answers.

An AI bot helps with networking – Networking is probably the number one reason why people attend events. And yet, so much of networking happens just by chance. AI bots can eliminate this serendipity by learning user behavior and helping connect attendees who display similar behavior and interests. In essence, they add an element of guidance to the serendipity of event networking.

An AI bot is a great concierge – From automatically adding scheduled meetings to your calendar to guiding you to a booth with voice navigation, an AI bot is an almost-perfect event concierge for attendees, without the associated costs.

Choice is good. But sometimes, you shouldn’t have to choose. AI bots are an exciting development, but they will not replace the event app soon. So we decided to put them together and serve up a combination that we feel works like a charm. Why don’t you connect with us and we’ll let you give it a spin? All you have to do is fill up the tiny form here – event2mobile.com (if you had an AI bot it could have done that for you J)

Meanwhile, I’ll go make myself a sandwich.

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