Virtual Event Apps vs Webinars vs Video Meetings

We are going through uncertain times. There’s a global pandemic that makes in-person events all but impossible in the near future. However, to give up on events altogether is clearly not an option. Event managers are looking for reliable, scalable solutions to host virtual events. Many have looked to the traditional Webinar platforms or Video Meeting solutionsContinue reading “Virtual Event Apps vs Webinars vs Video Meetings”

How Event Check-in Apps Can Help Improve Attendee Experience

Sure, having a great event check-in app is bound to impress your attendees. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. A key feature of an event check-in app is the ability to track audience behaviour and generate relevant data.  An event manager can leverage the data to improve attendee experience in real time asContinue reading “How Event Check-in Apps Can Help Improve Attendee Experience”