Event App for Banking: 4 Questions You Need to Ask Your App Provider

In banking events, especially internal ones, highly sensitive information is often shared via the event app. Such data, if leaked or accessed by an unauthorized party, can upset a bank’s financial stability and damage its reputation. Ensuring 100% data protection is critical and while choosing an event app platform, you need to consider the following questions:

How does the app safeguard your data?

The main thing you need to consider is whether the app platform chooses industry standard event technology to secure your data. A robust event app comes integrated with leading mobile device management (MDM) software such as MobileIron, Airwatch and Good. This lets you secure, control and monitor any mobile device that has access to the event app.

How can you ensure secure access to the app?

A well designed app uses a single sign-on system. This requires the delegates to sign in a single time to gain secure access across apps and devices — a potent safeguard against security risks related to passwords. More importantly, this feature can be used to track who’s accessing your app and from what device in a single database. This ensures only registered delegates can access the event app and helps control and manage access in private or restricted events.

Does it integrate to internal CRM?

It’s advisable to go for an event app platform that allows integration with your internal CRM. It ensures seamless interaction with the delegates as well as reduces chances of data leak. It also saves time and effort, both crucial to the smooth running of a large scale event.

Can the data be stored on site?

Leading event app platforms like event2mobile provide the option of storing the data on servers on premise. This eliminates the risk involved in transferring the data over internet.

Having worked with some of the leading banks and financial institutions globally, we understand how important data security can be. That is why event2mobile features state-of-the-art data protection at par with the best international standards. If your concern is event data security, we’re just a call away at +1 800 385 1422. Let’s chat about how we can help you make your event smooth, secure and overwhelmingly successful.

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