Reduce FOMO in your next Town Hall Meet using #EventTech

Town Hall Meeting

“Town hall meeting is an American term given to an informal public meeting, function, or event derived from the traditional town meetings of New England.” Source : Wikipedia

Town Hall meetings are good for employee morale and reduce the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect. Most of the time, employees are not involved in the decision making process, specially those who are mostly at the bottom of the organizational structure.
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A Use Case of event2mobile on WS Group’s Town Hall Meet :

Every year WS Group (a company that developed the event2mobile application) organizes the Town Hall Meet providing a platform for employees to share knowledge, discuss ideas and have some fun together. 2015 was also no exception and the entire WS family came together under one roof to celebrate with full fervor.

Goal : To improve the employee productivity and satisfaction and provide an opportunity to know about each other, since WS has offices in New York, Singapore, Kolkata & Bangalore in India.

Challenges : Connecting over 300 members – in person and some virtually is a big challenge.

Outcome of Town Hall Meet :

Thanks to event2mobile Audience app, every employee from all WS offices across the globe could participate in the meet.

“We have sent out the login credentials along with Event App Download to the employees, one day before the Town Hall Meet. Most downloads has happened during the event which we haven’t expected.” – says HR personnel of WS Group. He adds, 144 employees have downloaded the app on which 53 employees accessed modules other than Agenda and Speaker Profiles.

The real engagement starts, when CEO starts posting about the morning coffee on Social Wall module within the app.

An employee from Digital Marketing Team joined just two weeks prior says, “I can choose who I want to connect using Attendee Matchmaking feature of event2mobile.”

When asked about the outcome of event, Kavita, Director of Marketing, says that the following insights could be observed based on the Event Analytic reports:

  1. As expected, session Company’s Plan for 2016 is the most viewed session.
  2. 6 different polls had been published on which 43 submissions were received.
  3. LeaderBoard and Social Wall are the most viewed sections in the app.

She also adds, “We will be adding the gamification feature along with iBeacons integration for the upcoming internal meetings”.

Everyone is aware, how important Employee Engagement in an organization is. Adopting technology can help ease the process of engaging with employee at a larger scale. In the year 2016, we do expect Internal Training programs to adopt #EventApp Technologies. This can enable trainer and learner experience to a new level with personalized improvement tips.

Just imagine a scenario, where a new trainee completes Stage-I of his on-boarding process. The next when he enters the office, he will be asked a question through push-notifications, like what is the name of the recent award received by the company? Possibilities are endless. You can get a free trial of audience app here.

Event App demo

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