event2mobile helps Major Singapore-based Healthcare Association Mobilize their Annual Event


event2mobile has partnered with a number of major organisations in healthcare, including Elsevier, Cancer Care Ontario, and Calderm. Recently, Singapore-based Congress of the Asian Society for Transplantation (CAST) too chose event2mobile for their 2015 event.

The event2mobile app for the event was customised to suit the requirements of the client, which included fully searchable lists of sessions and their abstracts. The noteworthy features of the app included the following:

Session polling

CAST 2015-2

This feature was specially requested by the client, and used for a lunch symposium that was attended by nearly 1,000 attendees. The speaker posted 4 questions, which were beamed on screens. The users could see the questions on the app and participate in polling on the spot. The results were Live and automatically refreshed as more and more attendees participated. WS managed back-end processes and also guided attendees through the polling process with a How to Poll slide deck displayed on screens.


The abstract of each speaker’s profile and speech text was presented in the form of searchable pages on the app. Attendees could search for an abstract using the title of the session or the name of the speaker. The app supported nearly 600 abstracts.

Business Card Exchange

The app let attendees and delegates to scan QR codes printed on ID badges to exchange contact details. The recipients had the option to edit the contact details before saving them.

event2mobile has been adopted by major healthcare associations across the globe, to manage their events and maximize attendee engagement. Event managers interested in licensing event2mobile for major corporate events can get in touch with our marketing team by clicking here, calling us at +1 917 546 0886, or sending an email to [email protected]. They can also visit us at www.event2mobile.com.

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