Being Powered at NYC

After nearly a decade in the Avenue of the Americas, it was time for a change. With our focus in serving the leading financial services companies, we needed to move right to the heart of New York’s financial and business district. Accordingly, this month our US offices moved to 22 Cortlandt Street, Suite 1635, New York, NY 10007, a stone’s throw away from the iconic Freedom Tower.

This strategic location is home to many of our Fortune 500 clients in the financial sector, as well as other leading financial organisations. Our relocation now brings us even closer to them, to help serve them better when they need us the most!

Besides, even in this era of conference calls and video chats, many of our clients prefer face to face meetings. While messages and calls are always there, on-site meetings indeed help resolve a lot of problems faster, and help our clients focus on their core competencies.

Now, with our team just around the corner, clients can simply call us at +1 917 546 0886, or send an email to [email protected]. They can also visit our website and get in touch with us via the form on our contact page. We will be right over for a chat.

That’s not all. Event managers and their assistants often need training on proper usage of specific features of event2mobile. With our team physically close to clients’ offices, these training sessions can be organized even at a moment’s notice, if necessary. That way, there is no chance of event managers running into problems due to lack of familiarity with our event app platform.

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