Fortune 500 Financial Organization Utilizes Beacon Technology and event2mobile To Increase Attendee Engagement


event2mobile helped Fortune 500 financial organization engage attendees with Beacons

event2mobile has been deployed by some of the leading financial organizations in the world. Recently, we helped another Fortune 500 organization headquartered in Wisconsin boost attendee engagement; this time, by tapping into event2mobile’s seamless support for Beacon technology.

The client wanted to boost the number of registrations for their services. The event2mobile team used Beacons along with the app to reach out to attendees directly from the event floor. 18 Beacons were set up all across the venue, which beamed out notifications to the attendees’ phones whenever they were nearby. These notifications encouraged attendees to sign up for insurance plans and other financial services. The usage of Beacons ensured that only those who were present at the venue received these notifications. While the client chose not to go for direct sales through the Beacons, event2mobile also supports that functionality.

The event2mobile app generated comprehensive reports after analyzing information collected through Beacons, which helped the client gauge the popularity of the event quantitatively – including footfalls and new vs. returning users, as well as number of attendees present in different rooms at different times.

event2mobile has been adopted by Fortune 500 financial brands in the USA, as well as some of the largest financial associations across the globe, to manage their events and engage attendees. Event managers interested in licensing event2mobile for major corporate events can get in touch with our marketing team by clicking here, calling us at +1 917 546 0886, or sending an email to [email protected]. They can also visit us at

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