The one thing that no event attendee wants to do!

Driving Polls & Q&As via Event Apps

Talk to event organizers today and the word POLL or SURVEY is likely to produce all kinds of emotions. ‘Difficult to conduct’, ‘no one wants to do it’ , ‘it’s the bane of my existence’, ‘data collected is sporadic’ and so on and so forth.

However, polls, both instant and passive as well as surveys have significant value to the brands that run events and the mobility apps for events might be the one-stop-solution to get over the pain of on-the-spot data and feedback collection.

Some quick benefits of mobile event app based data collection (and they are quite obvious) are:

1) Data hygiene is high

2) Polls and surveys via the app replace the cumbersome paper process

3) Instant data availability for deeper drill-down

4) Can be gamified for higher engagement

5) It actually works (probably the most important!)

For events that require in-depth data collection, feedback, surveys, live polls, an event app might just resolve many of the pain points faced with manual processes. Furthermore, event apps such as event2mobile come equipped with a robust CMS that allows you to customize questions, create surveys and polls in REAL TIME.

event2mobile’s recent roll out at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation event with live polls provided interactivity from delegates on serious issues affecting global health. If you are still wondering whether to use event apps for your next event, here’s the clincher: Cost of an event app is 1.2% of the budget for each attendee, whereas the cost of printing (brochures, forms, etc.) is double.


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