Fortune 500 companies cannot use just any event app

Security in Event Apps

Imagine an event by a leading bank where 200 of its top customers are invited. Now imagine the event app that the bank would need to deploy. Under no circumstances, can it be a run-of-the-mill app which can be downloaded from the app store and is available to all and sundry.

Confidentiality of events, delegates, content, event going-ons and subsequent data sharing are key factors for such events. Not all event apps work with such enterprises and their unique requirements. The same 200 invitees may also be then invited to another exclusive event 2 months down the line. How do you keep them engaged via the app they downloaded in the first instant?

If you are an event manager responsible for enterprise events, you are likely to be nodding your head in agreement at this point. event2mobile is a niche event app that provides extensive security elements for enterprise events  and provides a high level of security and secure sign-ons in order to maintain confidentiality of the events as well.

event2mobile’s focus on security can be further explored here. Customization to suit the security requirement of the client, integration with existing customer CRM, MDM integration and encryption are just some of the features that are built into the app for enterprise usage.

There is no doubt that events hosted by enterprises do need an event app in order to not only keep up with the times, but also to ensure that they are being able to mobilize the event intelligence on to their CRM for better client servicing. event2mobile’s client list in enterprises include the top banks in the US and the Big4 Consulting firms.


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