How Private-Social Networking Dramatically Improves Engagement at Enterprise Events

As general consumer habits make more and more inroads into the enterprise, old-school networking leans harder on social media habits and patterns. It’s time to make way for private-social networking to drive quality engagement at corporate events.

From making connections, posting status updates, exchanging content, to notifying people about upcoming events or post-event activities, a private-social feed has the potential to maximize attendee networking like never before.  

While some Fortune 2000 companies already leverage the potential of private-social networking, it is still largely unexplored. Here we shall discuss the impact of private-social networking to dramatically amplify attendee engagement at enterprise events

What is an Event Private-social feed?

A private-social feed or timeline is just like a personal social media feed but accessible only to attendees of a particular event. It is particularly used by the event managers, attendees, and exhibitors for internal communication. It can also be used by pulling real-time data from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc to rev up attendee-exhibitor communication for any event.

Surefire ways to fire up event engagement with private-social feed

According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), and The Experience Institute, over 76% of respondents who participate in events consider networking and building connections paramount to anything else.

With private-social networking, you can ensure more and more on-site engagement because of its ability to connect the attendees before and after any event. This can be a great way to create, engage and manage your enterprise event community in a whole new way. Here are the top reasons you can spur high-performance networking in your events with private-social feed.

  • Create profile

Just like any other social networking site, you can create your profile with your designation and company name. You can add a profile picture for others to recognize you better.  The dashboard will show you the number of posts and photos you shared on the social feed.


  • Post Live event updates or showcase it on a big screen

Besides posting live updates of the events, you can also enable live-streaming of the feed to a large screen at the event venue to showcase anything related to the agenda of the event. The attendees can also see relevant updates the users post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in real time. This practice has a proven track record of amplifying engagement rate like no other app.  

  • Event Photo Gallery

The app users can take pictures on their phones/tablets or choose from their device gallery and upload. These images can be moderated and published to the app as well as to external web pages to be displayed as the event image feed on a large screen.


  • Share fun moments during the event

Post after-event party updates or just a story of your experience – just like you do on your social networking forums. This is a great way to diversify event social networking where the attendees can connect, publish status updates, thoughts, images as well as tap likes and share comments on posts made by other users. This is a great way to connect with your peers and connections you’ve made during the event.

  • Keep networking after the event

You would often want to connect with your networks after the event, isn’t it? Sharing your personal thoughts or just how you feel about the event can be a great way to bond with your connections. You can also use trending hashtags to tap into similar posts and take forward your conversation maybe.   

You can also conduct live polls, Q&A sessions, or customize any special activities through a single user interface.

While Fortune 500 clients are already using this feature for amplifying engagement and networking, you too can expect the change and make your upcoming enterprise events a grand success. Find out more about the possibilities of private-social networking and a head start to participant-centric events.  


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