10 GOT GIFs that Sum up the Journey of a Corporate Event

From creating a roadmap to the grand finale – the long haul journey of a corporate event is overwhelming (often grueling)! The drum starts rolling right from the beginning when the event planners surmise a realistic (sometimes unrealistic) timeline and a bevy of other event professionals huddle up to make the event a success.

As we couldn’t get enough of the nail-biting cliffhangers from the highly-lauded Game of Thrones, we couldn’t help thinking if the event profs could relate to some of the ‘events’ we’ve seen in the series. Here’s a floaty depiction of what they might be feeling behind the curtains.

1. When the event organizers brace up for the upcoming event

2. When the event planners come together to devise the plan of action

3. When the event marketers try to execute the action points

4. When the event coordinators try to pull together a do-it-now stance.

5. When the attendees are all ears to the goings-on

6. When the exhibitors struggle to unleash their best capabilities

7. When the event sponsors couldn’t help feeling like a king (or a queen?!)

8. When the media (if not paid) takes everything with a grain of salt

9. How the event looks like to everyone involved

10. And finally, it’s wrap-up time!

Are you an event management professional who could relate to any of these events? How about a plan to go easy for a change and explore the possibilities of a more streamlined event engagement suite? Find out how.

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