5 Must-have Tools in Event Exhibitors’ Arsenal

The Scene at Exhibition Booths

The Scene at Exhibition Booths

Lead retrieval, follow up and lead analysis have never been easier. Thanks to the latest event tech tools, exhibitors can simplify tasks like collection of data from leads; quicken processes of marketing like sending automated emails; use AI to intelligently follow up with leads; analyze data collected from leads to selectively target them and convert them into sales.

We’re going to discuss 5 must-have event tech tools every exhibitor should have in his/her arsenal.

1. Business card scanning tool: Scanning tools are used to collect and save information from business cards or trade show badges of event attendees. Scanning tools collect data from business cards of leads and store them in databases. Because nothing is manual, there are fewer chances of error.

2. Automated mailing tool: We know the benefits of email marketing. With the help of automated mailing tools, once the contact details of leads are saved to databases, automated introduction emails are sent to them. Automated mailing tools help exhibitors save time, and help build healthy professional relationships with leads, in the future.

3. Intelligent follow-up tool: According to Salesforce, more than 80% of event exhibitors stop sending follow up reminders, to leads, after only 2 attempts. However, 50% of the leads respond only after the fourth attempt. Many event exhibitors use some kind of lead retrieval app. But they lose out on important leads because they don’t have enough manpower to follow up with every prospective lead and hence, they only focus on the best.

Some of the latest event tech tools use AI to send personalized follow up emails to leads. Email content is modified in a way that recipients don’t feel that they are at the receiving end of automated email chains. Intelligent follow-up tools know exactly when to stop sending emails and when to restart the process. AI helps follow-up politely and persistently.

4. Meeting scheduler tool: Event apps reduce the grunt work of sales teams by taking charge of follow up tasks until leads show interests to meet or call sales representatives. A meeting scheduler tool helps leads and sales representatives to schedule meetings and set reminders.

5. Lead analysis tool: Let’s face it. Most exhibitors don’t keep a tab on the ROI from their event participation. A sales lead survey conducted by Exhibitor Magazine in the year 2015 revealed that only 35% of exhibit managers tracked the number of leads sourced at events that yielded actual sales.

No point in participating at events if exhibitors don’t track and measure the value of trade show marketing. Lead analysis tools help exhibitors analyze, prioritize and target leads.

Event exhibitors can have 5 different event tech tools or they can go for a single app suite with all 5 functionalities mentioned above. Exhibitor AI is a complete lead retrieval app that stores data from leads; manages and analyzes data; sends automated emails to leads, and follows up with leads in a polite and persistent way until they schedule meetings with exhibitors. Exhibitor AI can be seamlessly integrated with major CRMs like Salesforce and Oracle, and enterprise-level security ensures data protection.

Exhibitor AI Lead Follow-up Cycle
Exhibitor AI Lead Follow-up Cycle

Event professionals can write to us and get detailed information on Exhibitor AI. They can also have a demo for free.

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