The Most Influential Event Tech Trends for 2019 & Beyond – Part 2

Let’s continue with the blog titled The Most Influential Event Tech Trends for 2019 & Beyond which you probably came across a couple of weeks back. As it was not possible to mention all the happening event tech trends of 2019 in one single write-up, the idea was to split it up in 2 segments.

In the previous version of this blog, we discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented reality (AR) would influence the world of event technology in 2019 and in the coming years. Moving forward we would pick up the context just where we left and discuss some more influential event tech trends. Let’s get started.


“Chatbot” is no longer an alien term. If you are aware of modern day technology, you would certainly have the basic idea of chatbots, their purpose, and benefits. Here I am not going to expand on that list but throw light on how these bots are set to change the face of modern-day event technology.

Most of the leading events nowadays have an event app of their own. Event exhibitors/ hosts are inclining towards making event engagement more automated by using event chatbots. The basic intent behind the idea of including chatbots in event apps is to slowly discard the practice of having info boots/ kiosks at event venues.

This trend is expected to boom massively in 2019 and in the years to come. The reason behind it is that event exhibitors have clearly understood that it will assist their customer engagement module. Be ready to use an event chatbot in the very next tech event you are going to attend.

Event Voice Search

Chatbots are cool…but voice search engines are cooler!!!

Imagine a situation when you are in the middle of an event, holding a coffee cup in one hand and a laptop in the other, and………….you can’t find your route to a particular booth. Irritating eh?? This is where voice search engines take charge of the situation.

Event exhibitors/ hosts who nowadays uses event apps for their events are well aware of this problem most likely to be faced by attendees like you. It’s obvious in such a situation you can’t use the event chatbot to type in your query as both of your hands are occupied.

Now if you have your handsfree/ Bluetooth headset plugged into your smartphone, you can easily ask the voice bot the shortest route to a particular booth. That’s not all as event voice bots are programmed to assist any possible event related query asked from your end. The voice bots provide audio responses to the questions you ask.

The practice of using voice bots in events is making its way in a grand manner in 2019. Every other event app which you come across from now on is likely to have a voice bot of its own.


Now this is interesting…isn’t it?

Drones were previously used by army flanks to get a sneak peek into the enemy zone and gather visual information. In modern days it is seen that these “advanced toys” are used to cover events as well. The best example at hand which I can think of where drones were used at an event was at the last edition of the Winter Olympics.

Imagine a situation where you are the host of a tech event and you choose to use a drone. The drone-cam will provide you a real view of all the activities taking place in the event venue. It also strengthens the overall event security system as you can monitor the entry, exit, and movement of the event attendees.

2019 is possibly considered the year from where drones will be used frequently in tech events. As a matter of fact, in the near future, you can also expect drones to be the mobile hotspots at events!

Facial Recognition

Facial biometric is in and in 2019 you will find many event apps showcasing this feature.

There are situations where QR code scanners fail to function properly and the entry of an attendee in the event venue is delayed. This is a situation which is not desired by event hosts/ exhibitors.

As we move towards completing the first quarter cycle of 2019, we will see more and more events are banking on facial recognition for easier and faster event check-ins. In addition to the last 2 benefits, facial biometrics in events help in showcasing a better example of the event security module.

Virtual Reality

Ah Finally…I have been intentionally holding this back for the end!!!

Virtual reality, as you might know, is more of an experience. It is a collaboration of physical & digital aspects commonly termed of as “phygital”. Nowadays in tech events, attendees and speakers take part in seminars and conferences assisted by VR.

This helps either party in participating in the workshops and conferences even though they are not physically present in the venue. The best part of VR is that no spirit or information gets lost in the process and the entire process is as good as the physical event.

With the passing of every month in 2019, more and more event host/ exhibitors are expected to introduce VR in their events.

2019 promises of some event technology trends which will not only sustain for the running years, but also for years to come. Feel free to write to us and share your views on these event tech trends. Hope to hear from you soon.

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