How can AI Optimize your Trade Show Follow-up Communications?

It’s important to send thank you emails to your trade show/ event leads.

With thank you emails, you take the first step to build follow-up communication networks with leads. However, it is not always possible to regularly follow up with every single lead due to lack of manpower, time, or both. What happens is that salespeople end up following up with the hottest leads, and being forced to neglect the rest.

This is where AI can be of immense help. AI can optimize your trade show follow-up communications in a variety of ways, ensuring none of your hard earned leads slip through the cracks. Here’s how.

a) Hyper-personalized emails

A survey conducted by BrightEdge in 2018 has revealed that 29% of marketers consider personalization and 26% of marketers consider AI to be the next big things in email marketing. Trade shows and events leave the attendees with little time to go through random emails sent by automated mailing tools. Emails that directly speak to attendees win the day.

AI, machine learning and cognitive computing have made it possible for us to create and send hyper-personalized emails at scale. You can use AI to create hyper-personalized emails to engage leads in effective conversations, and convert them to sales.

How can AI help in creating hyper-personalized emails?

AI can help you in the following 5 ways to create hyper-personalized emails:

1- AI helps you create personalized email content

Most successful email campaigns focus on creating emails that seem less machine-generated and more human. AI helps you study and analyze the interests of leads to generate data-driven insights to create tailored emails.

2- AI helps you optimize email subject lines and email body copy

Traditionally, marketers test combinations of subject lines, email content, CTAs, and images to see what works the best. This is a time-consuming affair. Based on insights gained from the history of email campaigns and lead data analysis, AI helps you choose the best combinations that resonate with leads. AI also reduces the time of testing different combinations.

3- AI helps you optimize send time of emails

No two people check their email inboxes at the same time. One can’t make a generalization. AI helps you analyze individual engagement history to determine the ideal time to send emails to each lead.

4- AI offers hyper-personalized suggestions

Tailor-made emails with product or service recommendations can improve engagement and conversions. You can leverage AI to determine the interests and preferences of leads. With the help of AI, you can recommend your products and services to leads.

5- AI helps you set up targeted email campaigns

AI can help you set up targeted email campaigns depending on the funnel stages in the sales.

b) Persistent follow-up

A study conducted by Salesforce revealed that 80% of trade show exhibitors stop following up leads after only two attempts. The same study also came up with the fact that 50% of leads respond only after fourth attempt.

AI sales assistants can persistently follow-up with trade show leads who are not yet ready to convert. Human sales assistants can take over communications whenever necessary. AI does the grunt work and leaves you with the option to engage your human resources in works that require human expertise.

c) Lead data analysis

AI can help you predict leads’ purchasing behaviors etc. based on demographic or psychographic data. Don’t worry if some trade show leads are not yet willing to purchase your product or avail your services. Conversational AI tools can ask smart questions to leads to know their preferences and even budgets. Your marketing and sales people can prioritize leads based on lead scoring. As and when leads are ready to engage, sales and marketing people can take up communications.


AI can help you pick up conversations with leads where the trade show communications ended. AI simplifies post-trade-show data analysis and follow-up efforts.

To know more about how can AI help you optimize your trade show follow-up communications, write to us.

Tell us in the comment section if you find our blog useful or what else do you want to hear from us. Stay tuned for our next blogs.

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